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  • 2011-07-30
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    We have updated our website with our latest products

About us

We are Pakistan,s largest bitting specilist and comprehensive Baroque-Riding service.

Our Products range is a resulte of 35 years of involvement in the horse industry by my father M.Aslam Assi here at 
Baroque-Riding. Our Staff is well trained and combine their skills to provide complete customer service and satisfaction.As a professional manufacturer in the horse and rider products.we have been proud of our high quality products along with our competitive price and excellent service.We mainly concentrate on manufacturing of Horse bits, Spurs, Stirrups, Chaps,Bridles,Halters, SaddlePads, Saddles, Rugs, Chain, Hooks, Buckles, other Horse Accessories and Veterinary Instruments of various type and sizes.

Our main primary advantage is high quality, reasonable prices, and smart order is acceptable. We have enough confidence to be able to satisfy your order at an international slandered quality and moderate prices. we offer both F.O.B.(by Air Freight) and C.I.F (By See Freight) Prices.

Packing is our speciality; each instrument carefully examines and tested before packing. Every possible care is taken in packing of all goods.our mission is to fulfill our customer,s demands. If you want to produce any of your antique styles or special products. Please inform us. We,ll provide you, your required items with standard quality.
This catalogue is as a guide for our valued clients to find Baroque-Riding products range.we hope it proves helpful for ordering.
Kindly call or e-mail us for further information, we are ready to help you with any questions or concerns.